24 Pin Replicators


VP 224S5


VP 224S5
Multi-Blot replicators have 24 stainless steel pins with 5 ul slots in an anodized aluminum base. Compatible with many 24 well microplates (Falcon #353935,  and Corning Costar (3337, 3524, 3526, 3527, 3473).  The pins transfer ~8 ul liquid to liquid, and ~5 ul liquid to membrane (slot volume). Pin diameter = 1.58mm, pin length = 45mm, center to center spacing = 19.3 mm.

Check the center to center spacing on your plate very carefully as this varies between manufacturers.  Also the location of the matrix (A1 microplate well) varies between manufacturers. 


If you are transferring DNA, cDNA or other materials in hydrophobic solutions you will find that by using our new V&P Pin Cleaning Solution you will greatly increase the precision of delivery.  For an explanation see the FAQ page and the V&P Pin Cleaning Solution page.


The VP 224S5 can also be used with the VP 381A Library Copier to register the pins to the center of the wells.


These Replicators can also be assembled with other slot volumes and in different lengths using our standard pins.  If your applications requires a different volume or length just let us know.


VP 224A


The VP 224A Grooved pin replicators are designed to transfer ~ 50 ul of specimen with 57 mm Long Grooved Pin Replicator (24 Deep well replicator), aluminum base, autoclaveable and flameable, pin diameter = 6.35mm.


  Technical Documents:
    Care & Use of Grooved Long Pin Replicators

VP 224B


VP 224B
is a 57 mm Long Grooved Pin Replicator (24 Deep Well Replicator), aluminum base, autoclaveable and flameable, pin diameter = 6.35mm, ~90 ul grooved delivery volume.


  Technical Documents:
    Care & Use of Grooved Long Pin Replicators

VP 224FP6


VP 224FP6 is a used for wounding tissue culture monolayers in standard height 24 well microplates.  Purchase with a foam rubber pad to keep the pressure equal across the pins.  Use with Wounding Copier VP 381W-24


Pin diameter = 1.58 mm

Exposed pin length = 19.65 mm

Center to center pin spacing = 19.3 mm


It can also be used to inoculate agar plates or make macro arrays on membranes.


  Technical Documents:
    Care & Use of Floating Pin Replicators




The AFIX24FP1 Manual Replicator can be used for nanoliter liquid-to-liquid transfers or for dry spotting onto microplate wells. The FP1 tube style pins used in this Replication are located on 18 mm centers.

The photo on the right shows the AFIX24FP1 Manual Replicator used with the VP 381-24 LIBRARY COPIER™.


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