A Cost-Effective Way To Pipet 384 Samples Simultaneously


  John Herich Manager-HTS Maxim Pharmaceutical


Presented at the San Diego Chapter of the LRIG 9/26/2001


Maxim HTS Introduction

  • Screen for inhibitors or inducers of apoptosis

  • Proprietary substrate specific for activated caspase

  • Screens are performed in 384 well format

  • Screens are cell based, prefer < 1% DMSO


Current HTS Equipment

  • Pipetting

    • 96 channel (CyBi Well/Multimek)

    • 4 channel (Multiprobe)


  • Plate Movers

    • 384 wells (Specrafluor Plus)


  • Plate Movers

    • Robotic Arm (Platecrane)

    • Stackers (Platestak)




Upgrade Path to Simultaneous 384 Pipetting


Disposable Tip Costs


384 Pin Tool Alternative


Pin Tool Methods


HTS Method With Disposable Tips


Pin Tool Method


Test Method


Just Before Pipetting




Reset Pins


Results By Plate


Results for a 10 Plate Run






Practical Methods




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