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    VP 407AM-N


The VP 407AM-N was designed to move beads between microplates for washing or elution quickly and efficiently. The process simplifies next generation sequencing sample preparation by eliminating the need for multiple disposable tip based transfers. The device works by clipping a standard non-skirted PCR plate over the 96 magnetic pins to act as a sterile barrier. When dipped into the source plate, the magnetic beads are attracted to the pins and stick to the outside of the PCR plate’s wells. The large surface area and strong 52 MGO NdFeB magnetic pins ensure fast separation and zero bead loss. Once attached to the plate, the beads can be transferred to the recipient plate by placing the replicator pins back into the buffer and releasing the plate.




PCR plates to use with the VP 407AM-N:

  • VP 407AM-N-PCR(Pack of 10)
  • VP 407AM-N-PCR(Case of 100)

Other brands might work as long as they have the following criteria:

  • Flat top
  • Full height (not low profile)
  • No skirt
  • They match the contour of the pin leaving a minimal gap between pin and plate
  • Minimum length across top of plate of 119mm

Standard 96 well plates to use with the VP 407AM-N:

  • Corning/Costar 3797, 150 ul working volume
  • VP 416S Square well plates, 400 ul working volume
  • VP 416S-1 Square well plates, 700 ul working volume

Square 96 well plates allow larger wash volumes without overflowing the wells when the pins are inserted into the wells.



VP 407AM-N-PCR plates fit the contour of the magnetic pins:



Other brands of PCR plates may create a gap between the magnetic pins and the plate which reduces the effectiveness of the process:



The use of a magnetic separation block will help in pulling the magnetic beads off of the PCR plate during transfers and the final elution.

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    VP407AM-N Magnetic Bead Extractor



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