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Magnetic Bead Separation Devices

Strongest, Fastest & Most Economical Magnetic Bead Separation

V&P Scientific provides a full line of separation tools for use with magnetic particles. We have developed magnetic separation devices to work with all types of microplates, PCR plates, deep well plates (4, 6, 24, 48, 96, 384, 1536 well), tubes, and bottles (up to 1L). V&P’s unique designs and use of the strongest available permanent magnets ensure the fastest separation time possible and minimize bead loss regardless of volume. Our separation blocks and racks conform to SBS standards and will work with both robotic liquid handlers and benchtop applications. 


Magnetic Bead Separation for Microplates

Magnetic Separation for Every Microplate

Microplate Compatibility Table

Hand-Held Magnetic Separation

24/48 Well Separation

96 Deep Well Separation

96 PCR Separation

384 PCR Separation

Magnetic Separation for Test Tubes Bottles

Separation in Rack of Tubes

Separation in 50, 20, 15, 1.5 ml Test Tubes

Separation in 100 ml Bottles

Separation in 250/500 ml Bottles

Separation in Hand-Held Rack of Tubes


Magnetic Separation Accessories

Magnetic Bead Pellet Concentrator

Magnetic Bead Resuspension

Single Channel Magnetic Bead Extraction

96 Channel Magnetic Bead Extraction

Magnetic Bead Mixing for Plating

Microplate Compatability Table


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