The V&P Scientific Reformator (VP 381O) is simple device that allows the researcher to reformat plates from 96 to 384 or the reverse using a 96 Pipettor or Pin Tool..    It can also be used with 96 well aspiration devices to aspirate from a 384 well plate. 

The VP 381O is mounted on a VP 581A to hold the registration to a standard microplate holder.  The 8 alignment pins in the corners serve to hold the 384 well microplate in the 4 corners of the jig with a 4.5 mm off set in all directions. This simple feature allows a 96 Pipettor, Pin Tool or Aspirator access to the 4 quadrants of a 384 well microplate.

The 4 photos to the right illustrate the 4 positions the microplate needs to be placed in order to achieve the proper positioning.  The placement can either be done manually or with the aid of a robotic hand.



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