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  VP 790


The VP 790 Sliding Paddle Reservoir is ideal for keeping cells and light beads in solution when operating on work stations that use a sliding plate system (CyBio and Matrix work stations).  The system is simple to install.  Just attach a stationary magnet to the platform that supports the plate moving system.  When the Sliding Paddle Reservoir moves past the stationary magnet it will engage the magnet on the Paddle and slide the Paddle down the slide rail as the plate moves past the stationary magnet.  Once the paddle hits the end of its travel on the  inside of the reservoir it stops - the magnetic coupling is broken and the plate continues to move down the track.  When the plate direction is reversed and the reservoir passes the stationary magnet, the magnetic coupling is reestablished and the paddle is moved to the other end of the reservoir. 

Download video of VP 790 in action
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The Paddle Blade covers most of the bottom of the reservoir and has 3 layers of 10 holes each (30 holes) in it to let the fluid flow back and forth.  The photo to the right illustrates the reservoir partially full of milk as a contrast agent to more clearly delineate the Paddle and Baffles. The Baffles only cover the top half of the Reservoir to allow the paddle to slide underneath and between them.  They are used to prevent liquid sloshing out of the Reservoir.  The trailing end of the reservoir can be fitted with inlet and outlet nipples if larger volumes of liquid are needed.  The bottom surface of the reservoir is machined to match the CyBio and Matrix footprint with location holes.


Reservoir Specifications:


The inside of the reservoir is 138.9 long, 73.7 mm wide and 39 mm deep.  It holds 250 ml of liquid comfortably without sloshing out.   The total height of the unit is 54.4 mm to the top of the Paddle Arm and 44.4 mm to the top of the reservoir.  The outside length is 149.3 mm and the outside width is 102.0 mm. The Paddle slides 1 mm above the bottom surface of the reservoir and 3 mm from each side.  The Paddle Blade is 17.5 mm tall, 67.4 mm wide and 9.6 mm thick and contains 30 holes to help agitate the liquid and reduce sloshing effect.  The Baffles extend down from the top surface 18 mm.  The Baffles are 4.2 mm thick.   With this thickness of baffle, only 96 well pipettors will be accommodated. 


  VP 792A, VP 792B, VP 792C & VP 792D


The Economy Sliding Paddle Reservoir uses a strong magnetic field to hold a magnetic  Bubble Paddle in place while the robot's plate moving system moves a Nalgene disposable reservoir back and forth thus stirring the contents of the reservoir.  This system is especially useful in keeping cells in suspension while they are being pipetted into assay plates.


The system consists of 4 components:

1.  A pair of opposing Neodymium magnets that are attached to aluminum extrusion which in turn are attached to the plate track supports on either Cybi well or Plate Mate robots (VP 792A).

2.  A 12 Bubble Paddle with a magnetic clutch on both ends to attract the Neodymium magnets in the VP 792A, (VP 792B).

3.  A magnetic retaining system to pull the VP 792B to one end of the reservoir and immobilize the Bubble Paddle against the end of the reservoir during pipeting. (VP 792C)

4.  A disposable flat bottom Robotic Reservoir from Nalge Nunc (VP 792D).  The reservoir is made from polypropylene and conforms to the SBS footprint dimensions of 128 mm by 86 mm and is 43 mm tall.  Although the reservoir will hold 300 ml of liquid we recommend you only fill it to the 200 ml mark to avoid spilling over the edge during operation.


Click on the movie below to see the reservoir stirring system in action.




Download video
(mpeg movie- 18MB)

Press the play button to view the video in a flash format, flash must be installed, or click the download link to download a mpeg version.



The photo to the right demonstrates the pair of opposing Neodymium magnets (small arrows) that are attached to an aluminum extrusion (large arrow) which in turn is attached to the plate track supports on either Cybiwell or Plate Mate robots


Photo to the right demonstrates the magnetic retaining system which secures into the pegs from the plate holder.


Photo to the right shows the pair of magnets (arrows) in the retaining system.


The VP 792D is a sterile disposable flat bottom 300 ml polypropylene Nalgene Robotic Reservoir sold by Nalgene as #1300-1301.  We offer it to our customers as a convenience when purchasing this stirring system.  They are sold as case of 40 reservoirs in 4 sterile packages. 


VP 792D-1


Polypropylene detachable inlet port for use with reagent reservoirs. It can be used with V&P Bubble Paddle Reservoirs and as an accessory with the VP 600 series Liquid Level Sensor. It is also compatible With VP 792D reservoir.


The photos to the right show the VP 792D-1 being attached to the VP 792D reservoir.


The photo to the right shows the VP 792D-1 being attached to one of V&P Scientific's reagent reservoirs.


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