Slot Pin Spotter & DNA Card Registration Tool


The new V&P Scientific, Inc. DNA Card Registration Tool and Slot Pin Spotter provides a simple archiving solution to all those laboratories that are looking to transfer 96 specimens, 5 ul at a time to the revolutionary new CloneSaver 96 Card*.  This new innovation in archiving DNA libraries is a revolution in the way genomic material is stored.  No longer do you have to take up valuable freezer space with frozen specimens or glycerol stocks in 96 well microplates, just spot them on the CloneSaver 96 Card with the 5 ul Slot Pin Spotter (VP 408S5) and the DNA Card Registration Tool (VP 382CS). 


Whether you use the spotter on fresh stocks or on previously frozen specimens here is an extremely efficient and simple means to accurately place your DNA into a safe and convenient storage system. If your lab is being crowded out with ultra low temperature freezers filled with genomic stocks, here is a very simple way to recover freezer space.  Simply thaw those genomic stocks and transfer them to  CloneSaver 96 Card using the Slot Pin Spotter (VP 408S5) and the DNA Card Registration Tool (VP 382CS).  Just slide the CloneSaver Card into the slot on the DNA Card Registration Tool (VP 382CS) and position the 4 smaller circles on the CloneSaver Card so they are inside the 4 half circles on the DNA Card Registration Tool. Pick up exactly 5 ul of specimen by simply placing the slot pins of the Slot Pin Spotter into a 96 well microplate.  These specially tooled pins pick up precisely 5 ul by capillary action in the slot.  When the guide pins of the Slot Pin Spotter are placed in the alignment holes of the DNA Card Registration Tool, the slot pins are registered to the centers of the 96 large circles on CloneSaver Card.  When the slot pins touch the surface of the CloneSaver Card, all the liquid in the slot wicks into the paper by capillary action.  It is as simple as 1, 2, 3. The liquid stays inside the circle lines and you can monitor the spot size by the color change on the CloneSaver Card.


The V&P Slot Pin Spotter is made with stainless slot pins pressed into an anodized aluminum base.  Its rugged construction allows it to be sterilized by autoclaving, heating in a hot air oven, alcohol flaming or dipping in bleach.  It can also be disinfected by soaking in H2O2 and cleaned in ultrasonic baths.  For most applications cleaning the V&P Slot Pin Spotter between microplates is rapidly accomplished by dipping for 5 seconds in a 5% bleach solution, followed by 3 dips in distilled water baths followed by an ethanol bath and flaming.  The whole cleaning procedure takes only 20 to 30 seconds. 


The VP 382CS DNA Card Registration Tool is also constructed using anodized aluminum and stainless steel tension springs.  It can also be autoclaved or cleaned with bleach/ethanol.


  Lint Free Blotting Paper


Integral to the cleaning process is the blotting step between baths.  We have found an inexpensive lint free blotting paper (VP 522) to use that doesn't transfer lint particles to the slot pins as many blotting papers or paper towels can do. Lint in the slots can interfere with the quantitative transfer of liquid.  We strongly recommend that you use these blotting pads over several layers of paper towels.


Our MULTI-BLOT™ Slot Pin Replicators are provided with various slot sizes. The photo below indicates our standard 0.5, 1, 2 and 5 ul slot pins plus a custom 3.2 ul slot.  If you need a custom volume delivered just contact us.


*Manufactured by the Whatman Group.


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