High Density Array Copier


VP 380D


This 4 x 4 array on the COLONY COPIER™ allows the user to make 16 separate blots from 16 different 96 well microplates, for a total of 1536 individual blots.  We recommend that you use the VP 409 MULTI- BLOT™ Replicator with the High Density Array Copier .....VP 380D

If you are transferring DNA, cDNA or other materials in hydrophobic solutions you will find that using our new V&P Pin Cleaning Solution will greatly increase the precision of delivery.  For an explanation see the FAQ page and the V&P Pin Cleaning Solution page.


VP 380DN


FP series colony copier - 4 x 4 high density array.  For registering 96 pin FP1 floating replicators to 1536 well microplates.



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