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e work with scientists to design and develop new, innovative tools for biological, chemical, and materials research, both in basic studies and pharmaceutical and industrial applications. We know research, we know assay development, and we know tools development.  Whether you are carrying out nanoliter transfers, keeping particulates in suspension, mixing viscous solutions in microplates, separating magnetic beads, heating microplates, or aspirating or dispensing, we will solve your application problems.  We develop custom solutions to your unique problems on a routine basis.  It is not special for us – it is just what we do.

e are the leader in making innovative replicators and manifolds to fill, aspirate, evaporate, mix, dilute, transfer, assay, screen, macroarray, microarray, spot, blot and tissue culture wounding in, to and from microplates. Whether you call them Replicators, Pin Tools, Pinners, Pin Thingies, Gridders, Arrayers, Froggers, Prongers, Hedgehogs, Dog Brushes, Dotters, Spotters, Stampers or Scratchers, we have the largest and most varied collection. We make both manual and robot pin tools for assay, compound screening, High Throughput Screening,  ultra HTS and wound healing.  If we don't have what you need, we will build to order.  We also now offer a complete line of unique reagent reservoirs.

e also invented the Alligator Tumble Stirring System,  the Vortex Tumble Stirring Systems to magnetically mix in microplates, vials, tubes and syringes, the Magnetic Levitation Stirring System to mix in deep well microplates and the Bubble Paddle to re-suspend particulates and SPA beads in reservoirs for microplate pipetting, and the sealed bearing Bubble Paddle to keep magnetic beads in suspension. We specialize in mixing and heating any size and shape vessel and very viscous liquids and slurries.   We make many of our own Stir Elements and Magnetic Stir Bars, PEEK Encapsulated Magnetic Stir Bars and are the distributor for others. If you need liquid handling, heating blocks, Magnetic separation blocks, Hand-Held Magnetic Bead Separation, mixing and array capabilities in 8, 12, 16, 24, 48, 96, 96 deep well, 384, 384 deep well and 1536 well microplates then you have found the right web site. 

e specialize in making new accessories for robots that enable the robot to adapt to new assays, protocols and procedures.  If you are frustrated with dealing with sales personnel from large slow moving robotic companies, check us out.  Our lead times are usually 2 to 3 weeks, our pricing is reasonable and our sales staff are experienced professionals who have spent many years at the bench doing research.   They can help you meet your "impossible" deadlines.

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