High Density Multi-Print


  Condense Large High Density Libraries on Large Membranes for Assay:

  • cDNA
  • Antigens
  • Drugs
  • Mutants
  • Recombinant clones
  • DNA
  • Cosmids
  • Plasmids
  • PCR products
  • YACs

V&P now offers a 4 x 4 high density array on the MULTI-PRINT™ (VP 382B) for 96 pin MULTI-BLOT™ Replicators. It makes gridding 1536 blots a snap. Although 1536 blots are possible with the 384 pin MULTI-BLOT™ Replicator and the VP 382 MULTI-PRINT™, it only has a 3 x 3 array for the 96 pin MULTI-BLOT™ Replicator.

The High Density MULTI-PRINT™ registration accessory (VP 382B) to the MULTI-BLOT™ Replicator system allows you to make multiple "foot print" high density arrays on large membranes without overlapping a single blot. Six "foot prints" of 16 stamps each can be placed on a single 30 cm by 30 cm nylon membrane (cut from a 30 cm by 3 m roll (VP 503) for a total of 9,216.  We also sell 22 cm x 32 cm precut nylon sheets (VP 504V) and 10 cm x 15 cm precut nylon sheets (VP 502) . High density arrays on large membranes can also be made using 48 pin MULTI-BLOT™ Replicators on the 4 x 4 alignment hole side of the frame.


  Make Multiple Copies of Your Library for Colleagues:


VP 382B


The MULTI-PRINT™ provides an efficient way of making multiple identical gridded libraries to send to other laboratories for testing.  With the price of membranes so high, here is a way to dramatically cut your costs.  Buy your membranes by the roll (VP 503), make your blots and cut the membranes to convenient sizes for your application or send them to colleagues for testing.  Large libraries and complex screening are managed with ease using the MULTI-PRINT™ registration system.

The high density MULTI-PRINT™, registers 48 and 96 pin MULTI-BLOT™ Replicators to sheet membranes, it has two sets of 16 alignment holes on the front frame and two sets of 1 alignment holes on the rear frame

If you are transferring DNA, cDNA or other materials in hydrophobic solutions you will find that using our new V&P Pin Cleaning Solution will greatly increase the precision of delivery.  For an explanation see the FAQ page and the V&P Pin Cleaning Solution page.



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