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Versatile Magnetic Stirrer - Multi Stirrus™


VP 710D2


The Multi Stirrus™ is a versatile stirrer that is compact (20 x 5 x 5 cm) and can be used in many ways. As a Tumble Stirrer, it powers Bubble Paddle Reservoirs for keeping cells, beads, and other particulates in suspension. When stood upright it becomes a powerful conventional Stir Plate, or it can stir multiple containers such as bottles, tubes, and vials as a Lateral Vortex Stirrer. The Multi Stirrus™ utilizes a 48 MGO Neodymium Iron Boron drive magnet that spins up to 1250 RPM.

The same stirrer is also available in a CE compliant version, which is the VP 710D2CE


The compact profile of the stirrer allows easy integration on robotic platforms where space is limited. Accessories are provided so you can choose the type of stirring needed for your application, or buy all for maximum versatility. Accessories currently include an SBS Reservoir holder, other holders for non-SBS Reservoirs, and a stand to hold the stirrer upright.




  • Keep beads, cells, or particulates in suspension while pipetting
  • Stir viscous liquids or make emulsions
  • Stir multiple containers simultaneously
  • Thoroughly stir solutions with powerful vortex


  • Versatile, economical, and compact Stirrer
  • Use as Tumble Stirrer for Bubble Paddle Stirring
  • Use as Lateral Vortex Stirrer to stir multiple bottles, tubes, or vials
  • Use as a powerful Conventional Stir Plate Similar to our Mini Stirrus™
  • Fits easily on robotic workstations
  • Available in CE compliant format


Accessories for Multi Stirrus™ Magnetic Stirrer


The SBS feature and compact size of the Multi Stirrus™ allows for easy integration on robotic platforms. It is ideal for mixing our Bubble Paddle Reservoirs for keeping cells, beads, or other particulates in uniform suspension while pipetting. These Reservoirs allow pipetting in single channel, 8 channel, 12 channel, 96 well, and 384 well formats. The accessories provided allow use in multiple ways for maximum versatility in every lab.

VP 710D2-1


Accessory holder for the VP 756B Bubble Paddle Reservoir. Similar holders can be made for any of our Bead/Cell Bubble Paddle Reservoirs.

Bead/Cell Mixing Bubble Paddle Reservoirs
For precision distribution, our Bubble Paddle Reservoirs keep resins, SPA beads, glass beads, and cells in suspension while being pipetted to multiple locations such as wells of microplates. Use of these Reservoirs also results in the smallest dead volume possible, an important factor when reagents are expensive. The V&P Scientific Bubble Paddle Reservoir mixing systems provide a simple and economical way to keep your particulates in suspension when used with the versatile Multi Stirrus™.


VP 710D2-2


Accessory holder to hold SBS-dimensioned reservoirs (127.7 mm X 85.5 mm). Also, an accessory SBS feature attached beneath the Stirrer facilitates adaptation to robot decks.

VP 581D

Accessory SBS feature attached beneath the Stirrer facilitates adaptation to robot decks.


VP 710D2-3


Accessory stand to hold the VP 710D2 upright for powerful conventional stirring or lateral vortex stirring.

Conventional Stirring/Lateral Vortex Mixing
The Multi Stirrus™ is easily used as a conventional Stir Plate for high speed mixing of both large volumes and viscous solutions. It can also be used as a Lateral Vortex Mixer to stir many types of containers simultaneously. Lateral vortex mixing involves rotating or tumbling Magnetic Stir Elements laterally against the side wall of a vessel. This spinning motion produces a vortex cone that efficiently mixes the contents of the vessel. The vortex cone is similar to that produced by conventional magnetic stirring, with the advantage of stirring many vessels at the same time, not just one.

Conventional Stirring

  • High speed mixing of large volumes and viscous solutions
  • Combine with our Power Mag™ Magnetic Stir Bars for maximum power
  • Stir various types of containers

Vortex Mixing

  • Stir multiple types of containers simultaneously
  • Powerful magnetic field that will mix many surrounding containers


VP 710D2-4


Accessory kit to position the VP 710D2 MultiStirrus for stirring in a container at a distance, such as in a syringe on a syringe pump. Some syringe pumps have a steel or stainless steel enclosure to which the magnetic VP 710D2 is attracted. This interferes with the magnetic stirring in the syringe. Therefore, positioning the VP 710D2 above the syringes allows for more effective stirring by keeping the Magnetic Stirrer away from the pump.

We recommend using one of V&P Scientific’s disc-shaped Magnetic Stir Elements for stirring in a syringe:


The VP 710D2-4 accessory kit is composed of several parts:

  • VP 710D2-4B aluminum arm that attaches to VP 710D2 with screws
  • VP 710D2-4C Lab Support Stand and Clamp
  • VP 710D2-4A plastic syringe holder for KD Scientific Pump (Legato210) to replace the magnetic metal one that is supplied with the pump

Please let us know if you pump has a magnetic metal syringe holder or clamp and we can make a plastic on for you.

Parts of the VP 710D2-4 kit can be ordered separately.


VP 710D2-5


Accessory holder to hold the VP 750-13-PP, VP 750-13-AL, and VP 750-13-PTFE. See Reservoirs Here.