Multi-Spense For 384 Well Plates


VP 195A

One, Base Unit with Microplate Slider and Acrylic Hood   VP 195
Two, 24 Channel Wands   VP 186L
One, Hose System to connect wands   VP 195C
One, Bottle Top Dispenser- dispenses from 20 to 100 ul/well, adjustable in 4 ul increments    VP 195D-1
Two, Towers for regular Microplates   VP 195-3
One, 450 ml Bottle with an Adapter to fit a variety of autoclaveable bottles  

An entire plate can be filled in 20 seconds by a novice.  It is easy to set up and the dispenser, wands and tubing are all autoclaveable.


VP 195D-1 2 to 10 ml Bottle Top Dispenser, contains PTFE coated ceramic plunger in a glass cylinder protected by dual plastic sleeves.  Standard accessories include Extension dispense tube  (50 cm), inlet tube, tube dispense nozzle stopper (PTFE) dispense nozzle, dispense nozzle cap, dispense nozzle stopper, dispense nozzle holder, wrench, bottle top adapters (25, 33 and 45 mm),  500 ml glass bottle.



  Technical Documents:
    Instructions for 96, 384, and 1536 Multi-Spense


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