Bevel Pins Piercing Heads

We have made several seal piercing heads for Robotics Companies as well as hand operated devices for other groups.  The bevel pins we use to pierce the sealing tape have a distinct advantage over other methods of piercing the seal.  The bevel pins produce a cut in the sealing tape that looks like a "C."  The flap at the open end of the "C" acts like a hinge.  When pipette tips poke into the opening, the flap bends down and when the pipette tip is removed the flap bends up and closes the hole.  This phenomena does not happen with aluminum foil sealing tape as the flap remains pushed down.

We make the piercing heads in both 96 and 384 formats using 2.00 mm diameter bevel pins and we can make custom bevel pins in different diameters depending upon your application. 

Each of the piercing heads incorporates a spring loaded "Stripper Plate" to extract the pins from the sealing tape.  This prevents the sealing tape from being removed from the plate when the pins are removed from the sealing tape.






The VP 410E Piercing Head to the right has 192 bevel pins and was designed to pierce 384 well sealed  microplates using two passes.  This has the advantage of reducing the amount of force required to pierce the sealing tape by half.


Robot mount of VP 410E without the stripper plate.
The VP 410F Seal Piercer  has 96 razor sharp bevel pins that are capable of making 4.75 mm diameter holes in the sealing tape.
96 Bevel Pin Piercing Head with 2.00 mm diameter pins  VP 410A
384 Bevel Pin Piercing Head with 2.00 mm diameter pins  VP 410C
192 Bevel Pin Piercing Head with 2.00 mm diamet               er pins  VP 410E
96 Bevel Pin Piercing Head with 4.75 mm diameter pins VP 410F
96 Bevel Pin Piercing Head with 4.00 mm diameter pins VP 410G
Arbor Press and mounting station for all V&P Piercing Heads VP 410M



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