Pin Cleaning Accessories

To keep your replicator pins delivering the same volume of liquid time after time you must keep them clean. Our pin cleaning brushes make that job a snap.

If you are transferring DNA, cDNA or other materials in high surface tension solutions (aqueous solutions with low DNA, protein or carbohydrate concentrations or no detergents) you will find that using our new V&P Pin Cleaning Solution will greatly increase the precision of delivery.  For an explanation see the FAQ page and the V&P Pin Cleaning Solution page.

Equally important is the cleaning of pins between wash steps.  Our Lint Free Blotting papers remove hanging drops and liquid in slots to prevent carry over and further contamination of wash reservoirs.   The Lint Free paper comes in a variety of shapes.  See the Lint Free blotting page.

Pin Cleaning Brush, 2.4 cm nylon bristles VP 425
Pin Cleaning Brush for long pins, 8.5 cm nylon bristles VP 425A
Pin Tip Cleaning Pad, 4 mm bristles VP 426
Glass Alcohol Reservoir With Lid VP 420
These items can also be purchased from local department stores.  We offer them to you as a purchasing convenience with a small markup

VP 425


Pin Tip Cleaning Pad, 2.4 cm nylon bristles


VP 425A


Pin Cleaning Brush for long pins, 8.5 cm nylon bristles 


VP 426


Pin Cleaning Scrub Pad, 4 mm nylon bristles


VP 421S



Polypropylene Wash Reservoir with Scrub Pad for removing debris from pins when using a Manual Replicator or Pin Tool. Reservoir contains a VP 426 Scrub Pad with 4 mm nylon bristles.




VP 540S

Polypropylene reservoir holding a VP 426 Scrub Pad for pin cleaning on robots.  SBS feature on the bottom for Automated Liquid Handler deck placement.
  Specifications and dimensions

Overall Dimensions
13.6cm long, 11cm wide, 3.6cm tall

Reservoir Dimensions
12.2cm long, 9.6cm wide, 1.7cm deep

See CAD drawing below for more detailed specifications
  The Paint Pad is held in place at the bottom of the reservoir by 2 nylon screws.  
  The Paint Pad Reservoir being used to clean a robot pin tool.  

  Technical Documents:
    CAD drawing of dimensions


VP 420


Pyrex Glass Alcohol Reservoir With Lid

Holds 750 ml of ETOH and is 18 cm long, 13 cm wide and 3.8 cm tall. Rubber lid prevents alcohol from evaporating when not in use. 

Many of our early customers used to use plastic tip boxes as alcohol reservoirs and occasionally would accidentally drop flaming alcohol into the reservoir.  The flaming alcohol would melt the plastic walls and flaming alcohol would spread over the counter top resulting in serious fires.  Our solution is the glass reservoir with its lid that is capable of smothering the fire or you can just let the alcohol burn out.  We provide the Pyrex reservoirs as convenience to our customers.  You can buy the same reservoir for a little less at a kitchen supply store.



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