Microplate Seal & Freeze Bundles



  • Safe storage of frozen or refrigerated precious specimens or genomic libraries

  • Safe shipment of frozen or refrigerated specimens

  • Creates a positive seal around each well

  • Eliminates danger of freeze dryingPrevents contamination from condensate

  • Prevents well to well contamination

  • Ideal for multiple freeze/thaw plates

  • Works with 48, 96 and 384 well microplates and deep well plates

  • Fits into conventional storage systems

  • Simple to use, reusable, rapid, safe and economical


Now at last there is a safe way to store those precious specimens or genomic library cultures in microplates and not worry that they will freeze dry or get contaminated.  No sticky tape residue in your wells, no condensation "cross talk" and no spilling the plates taking the tape off.  Simply place the SEAL & FREEZE gasket on the microplate, replace the lid, and compress the plates together in a bundle with hook & loop straps, cable ties or rubber bands.  You can combine from 1 to 12 plates in a single bundle.  This is also a great way to protect plates during frozen shipment.

The heart of the SEAL & FREEZE SYSTEM is the gasket.  This gasket is made from a special closed cell silicone rubber material that can withstanding autoclaving and does not get brittle at -70C.  In addition to being useful in cold storage, it can also be used to seal microplates used with our VP 740 series heating block systems.

Note that we have clipped off 3 of the corners so the gasket will fit on almost all of brands of microplates.  Although the microplate manufactures try to make plates that only their accessories will fit, we can usually find a way around their attempts at monopoly.

The SEAL & FREEZE BUNDLE System consists of a special autoclaveable foamed silicon rubber gasket (VP 632) that seals the whole top of the microplate.  The gasket is fixed to the plate lid so that it can be removed and replaced in exactly the same position multiple times.  The wells can be unsealed and sealed by simply removing and then replacing the lid.  Spacers (VP 640) are placed on top of the lid to distribute the compression force from the cable ties evenly over the whole surface of the lid.  Plates and spacers are stacked up to 12 high and then placed on a bundle bottom (VP 650).  The bundle top (VP 651) is added and two cable ties (VP 624) are placed around the bundle and tightened with a cable tie gun (VP 670) to compress the gasket material and seal the wells.  To access the plates merely cut the cable ties with a cable cutter (VP 680).  Reusable Hook & Loop Straps (VP 618 & 625) are perfect for bundles that are sampled multiple times and stored below -20C.

Rubber bands (VP 619) may be substituted for cable ties when the plates are stored at 4C or for short periods at -20C.  Rubber bands should not be used below -20C.

For your convenience V&P Scientific has combined the essential components of our SEAL & FREEZE BUNDLE System into a Starter Kit (VP 0K8).  All the equipment you will need to get started is included at a discounted price. 



  Technical Documents:
    Instructions for Seal & Freeze? Bundles


SEAL & FREEZE Starter Kit-VP 0K8

Fifty, 14 inch Nylon Cable Ties VP 614
Ten, 18 inch Hook & Loop Straps VP 618
Twenty, Rubberbands VP 619
Fifty, 24 inch Nylon Cable Ties  VP 624
Fifty, Foamed Silicon Rubber Gaskets VP 632
Fifty, Lid Spacers VP 640
Five, Bundle Bottoms VP 650
Five, Bundle Tops VP 651
One, Cable Tie Gun VP 670
One, Cable Cutter VP 680
One, 5.3 oz. Tube Of Silicone Grease VP 690

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