Specialty Washing and Reagent Trays


VP 412


Pyrex baking dishes can also be useful around the lab for culturing bacteria on agar.  Many of our customers who use our Multi-Print system for inoculating membranes with micro-organisms will transfer and culture these membranes on agar surfaces in the Pyrex dishes.  Because of the much larger surface area, larger membranes can be accommodated. As a convenience to our customers, we offer these same dishes sold at many department stores and save you a trip to the mall.


VP 420


Pyrex Glass Alcohol Reservoir With Lid

Holds 750 ml of ETOH and is 18 cm long, 13 cm wide and 3.8 cm tall. Rubber lid prevents alcohol from evaporating when not in use.

Many of our early customers used to use plastic tip boxes as alcohol reservoirs and occasionally would accidentally drop flaming alcohol into the reservoir.  The flaming alcohol would melt the plastic walls and flaming alcohol would spread over the counter top resulting in serious fires.  Our solution is the glass reservoir with its lid that is capable of smothering the fire or you can just let the alcohol burn out.  We provide the Pyrex reservoirs as convenience to our customers.  You can buy the same reservoir for a little less at a kitchen supply store.


VP 421


Plastic bleach or rinse reservoir - case of 5



VP 422


The VP 422 black case has several different uses. It is a protective case for our deep well replicators as well as our deep well aspirators and dispensers. It is also a convenient reservoir to clean our deep well replicators or aspirators in addition to being a large volume (475 ml) reservoir. We include the VP 422 with many of our product kits and recently several of our customers have asked to purchase the VP 422 cases alone. One application is it’s use as a light protective barrier for light sensitive reagents. Some of our customers can not disclose what they are using them for but they sure like them. Consequently we have decided to make them available as a stand alone product.

The reservoir dimensions are 79.5 mm wide by 109.4mm long and 64 mm tall. The reservoir is constructed with3 mm thick black ABS plastic.

See VP 422.pdf for a drawing



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