Technical Documents by Technote Number


010 Multiblot Replicators
012 Multiple High Density Arrays with MultiPrint
014 Library Copier
015 384 Well Library from 96 Well Plates
016 High Density Colony Inoculation in OMNI Trays
017 Constructing Colony Libraries in Omni Trays
018 Pick&Screen Recombinant Libraries
019 Double Positive Block Pool
020 MULTI-SPENSE for 96&384 Well Plates
021 Instructions for Seal&Freeze Bundles
022 Tumble Stir Discs and Drop Dispensers
023 Tumble Stir Discs and Flip Dispensers
024 Deep Well Replication
025 384 Well Library from 96 Deep Well Plates
026B Grooved Pin Replicators
027 VP 730 Humidity Chambers
028 Deep Well 96 Plate Dispenser
029 Manual Magnetic Stirrer
030 Slot Pin Replicators
031 Floating Pin Replicators
032 Magnetic Pin Replicators for Stir Element Removal
033 Autoclaveable Flip & Drop Disc Dispenser
035 Vicky Registration System
037 Multi-spense for 1536 Microplates
040 VP 110 Pin Cleaning Solution
041 Flexible Drive Tumble Stirrer
042 Glass Slide Microarrayer VP 470&478
043 Glass Slide Microarrayer VP 470&478A
045 VP 722 Super Magnet Unloading System
047 Levitation Stir Balls & Drop Dispensers
048 Levitation Stir Balls & Flip Dispensers
049 Autoclavable Flip&Drop Levitation Ball Dispensers
051 VP 475 Glass Slide Microarrayer Wash&Blot Station
053 VP 472 96 Well Microplate Indexer
054 VP 472A 384 Well Microplate Indexer
056 Autoclavable Levitation Ball Drop Dispensers
058 Autoclavable Disc Drop Dispensers
059 Demagnetizer Instructions
060 VP 707B Series Magnetic Levitation Stirrer
061C VP 707B Series Magnetic Levitation Stirrer with Incubator
062 VP 725C Pneumatic Ball Loader Instructions
063 Flexible Drive Tumble Stirrer 120V with NANO
064 Computer control for NANO
065 Flexible Drive Tumble Stirrer 230V with NANO
066B Manual Pin Tool Cleaning & Liquid Sample Transfer
067B Robot Pin Tool Cleaning & Liquid Sample Transfer
069A Stir Stix Dispensers
070A Magnetic Clutch Bubble Paddle Reservoir
071 CD Arrayer-VP 478CD
072 CD Arrayer-VP 478ACD
073 VP 472CD 96 Microplate Indexer
074 VP 472ACD 384 Microplate Indexer
075 Autoclavable Drop Dispensers for Bar Dowel Disc
076 Magnetic Bead Transfer Method
077 Tumble Stir Bar&Dowel Drop Dispenser
081A Magnetic Bead 8-Channel Bubble Paddle
082A Sample Pin Care
083 CyBio Robot Pin Tool Protocols
084B VP 710C1 Tumble Stirrer Operation
085 Library Copier for Disposable Pin Tools
087 VP 710T Tumble Stirrer 120V with NANO
088 384 Bubble Paddle Reservoir
089 96 Bubble Paddle Reservoir
090 VP 722A Supermagnetic Unloader
091 96 Manifold MULTI-SPENSE
092A VP 710G6 Tumble Stirrer Operation
093 Changing Pins in Manual Microarrayer
094 VP 903 Pin Tool Robot Instructions
095 Bubble Paddle Reservoir VP 756CS-PTFE with VP 761S
096 VP 903B Pin Tool Robot Instructions
097 VP 710G Series Tumble Stirrer for Heat Blocks
098 VP 710G Series Tumble Stirrer with Heat Block & Tach
100A Innovadyne Bubble Paddle Reservoir
101 Changing Inserts in Mono Pin Tool
102 Magnetic Clutch 96 Bubble Paddle Reservoir
103 Deerac Fluidics Bubble Paddle Reservoir
104 Magnetic Bead 96-Channel Bubble Paddle
105 Arabidopsis Seed Loader VP 725ZB-3
106 VP 710MXL7T Tumble Stirrer Operation
107 Adjustible Library Copier
108 VP 779-5A Drop Dispenser SmCo Discs
109 Magnetic Clutch 96 Bubble Paddle Reservoir 6-paddle
110 Magnetic Clutch 96 Bubble Paddle Reservoir 4-paddle
111 Magnetic Clutch 384 Bubble Paddle
112 Pin Tool Robot 903B with Twister
113D VP 741 Series Heating Blocks
115A VP 179A Jig with Aspiration Manifold
116 VP 179A Jig with Aspiration-Dispense Manifold
117 VP 177A 96 Well Aspiration Manifold
118 VP 771E Mag Bead Separator and Aspiration Manifold
119 VP 177AD Aspiration-Dispense Manifold
120 VP 710J-Air Motor Tumble Stirrer
121 Wands and Manifolds
122 VP 758M Magnetic Bead Bubble Paddle
123 How To Put An Eclip On Pin
124 VP 546C Fountain Reservoir
126B VP 904 Pin Tool Dryer
127 Frozen Specimen Replicator Assembly
128 Tecan Aluminum Bubble Paddle 6-Paddle
129 Custom VP 710F Bravo Deck
130 Delrin Bubble Paddle Reservoir
131 BMPCB384 Pipette Tip Insertion
132 Assemble Pin Tool with BGP
133 Assemble Pin Tool
134C VP 741 Series Watlow Computer Controlled
135 VP 110 Pin Cleaning Solution
136 Polypropylene Manifolds
137 Bolt Replicator
138 MultiBlot Replicator
139 VP 380N High Density Colony Inoculation in OMNI Trays
140 VP 710G6HHT Air Motor Tumble Stirrer
141 Grooved Long Pin Replicators
142A Wounding Pin Tools
143 Autoclavable Tumble Stir Dowel Drop Dispensers
144 Wounding Pin Tools Adjustable Copiers
147 Elevator Magnetic Levitation Stirrer
148 Tumble Stir Bar-Dowel Drop Dispenser
149 Flexible Drive Tumble Stirrer 120V with Smart Switch and NANO
150 VP 710C1-ALPFX Series Operation
152 VP 710C1-ALPFXCE Series Operation
153B VP 710C1CE Tumble Stirrer Operation
156 Mini Bubble Paddle Reservoir
157 VP 710MXM7T Tumble Stirrer Operation
158 VP 710MXL7TCE Tumble Stirrer Operation
159 VP 779-5A Drop Dispenser Neo Discs
160 Magnetic Clutch 384 Bubble Paddle Reservoir
162 VP 174AD-PCR 384 Aspiration-Dispense Manifold
163 VP 178A Aspiration Manifold
164 VP 177AD-1 Aspiration-Dispense Manifold
165 VP 177A-1 Aspiration Manifold
166 VP 177AD Series Dispense Manifold New Sryinge Set-up
167C 710SM Series Smart Motor Tumble Stirrer
168 710SMCE Serie Smart Motor Tumble Stirrer
169 710SM4PH Smart Motor Tumble Stirrer
170A Vortex Stirrer VP 708A & VP 708ACE
171 Vortex Stirrer VP 708S
172 Vortex Stirrer VP 708-CON
173A Vortex Stirrer VP 708-CON-1
174 Bubble Paddle Reservoir Polypropylene
175 Polycarbonate Manifolds
177 CyBio Moving paddle mixer
178 Pneumatic Ball Loader Instructions
179 Magnetic Bead Bubble Paddle Stirrer Max Reservoir
180 Chemical Resistant Dispense Manifold on VP 179A Jig
182 Convert VP 408FS2AS to Robotic Mount
183 VP 707C Linear Shuttle Levitation Instructions
186 VP 710C1-M-Kit Tumble Stirrer Operation
187 VP 710C1-MCE-Kit Tumble Stirrer Operation
189 VP 706-1 MegaStirrus Operation
190 VP 706-2 MegaStirrus Operation
191 VP 706B-1 MiniStirrus Operation
192 Removing Stir Elements with Robot Pin Tool
195 VP 706C-1 Ministirrus Operation
196 VP 706-2 Mega Shipping Block Removal
198 VP 710S2 Super with KBGenesis Drive
201 VP 710FSM SmartMotor Tumble Stirrer with Flex Drive
204 VP 179-R-1 Robotic Aspiration Manifold
207 Magnetic Bead Pellet Agitator VP 333
209 Vortex Lateral Tumble Stirrer VP 708A-1CE
210 Mini Bubble Paddle Rervior
212 VP 706B-3 MiniStirrus Operation
214 VP 710G6CE Tumble Stirrer Operation
215A Rotational Mounting Plate for Pin Tools
217 How to Convert Wounding to Robotic Pin Tool
220 VP 601 Liquid Level Sensor
222 Levitation Stir Ball Multi-Load Drop Dispenser
224 How to Load Replicator Strip
225 How to Change Pins in V&P Pin Tool
226 VP 177AD Aspiration-Dispense Manifold
229 Change Pins PE Pin Tool
267 Pin Tool Volume FITC Protocol
269 VP 177AD-1-PTFE Aspiration-Dispense Manifold
270 VP 710A Tumble Stirrer Operation
271 VP 710ACE Tumble Stirrer Operation
272 VP 706B-5T Sample Macerator Operation
273 V&P Heat Block Calibration Protocol
274 V&P Heat Block Autotune Instructions
275 VP 706B-4H MiniStirrusHeater
276 VP 325 Series Orbital Shaker
277 How to Change Replicator Hex Nuts
278A VP 710E-2 Tumble Stirrer Operation
279A VP 710E-2CE Tumble Stirrer Operation
280A VP 710D-1 Tumble Stirrer Operation
281A VP 710D-1CE Tumble Stirrer Operation
282 Handheld Mag Sep Block Clip Adjustment
283 Handheld Mag Sep Block Care and Use
285 VP 710G11HM Tumble Stirrer Operation
286 VP 710D2 Tumble Stirrer Operation
286A VP 710D2 Tumble Stirrer Operation
287 VP 710D2 CE Tumble Stirrer Operation
287A VP 710D2 CE Tumble Stirrer Operation
288 VP 710D2B Tumble Stirrer Operation
289 VP 710D2B CE Tumble Stirrer Operation
290 VP 710T-SM Series Smart Motor Tumble Stirrer Operation
291 VP HeatBlock, Tumble Stirrer & Table On Tecan Liquid Handler
292 RPM Monitor & E-mail Notification System Operation
293 VP 741EZB-64 Series Heat Block Installation
294 VP 741EZB-64 Series Heat Block Operation
295 VP 706B-6T Sample Macerator Operation
297 VP 708-TR Vortex Stirrer Operation
298 VP 710C2 Tumble Stirrer Operation
299 VP 710E-3HM Tumble Stirrer Operation


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