Tissue Maceration to Release DNA


  Agitation with Sharp Steel Stirrers


While many labs use ball bearings to macerate tissue and release DNA others find our sharp edged tumble stir elements (VP 711-3, VP 711D-3, and VP 712-3) were superior. 

Several of our customers came to us looking for a more efficient media to macerate tough plant tissue, especial seeds, to release the DNA.  Smooth steel balls shaken around in  a variety of mixers just didn't provide enough cutting action.  We found that the un-deburred tumble stir elements are very sharp and did a great job when used in shaker mills or bead beaters.  They are inexpensive and can be easily recovered using magnets, washed and used over and over again.    



  Mortar & Pestle Grinding with Replicators


In addition to our Maceration elements several of our customers use our 96 replicators in conjunction with PCR plates or other microplates as a "mortar and pestle" to macerate both animal and plant tissue.  Drosophila researchers dubbed our VP 407 the "Fly Squisher" for ease with which this replicator homogenized Fruit Flies.  Plant researchers usually prefer the larger diameter VP 407A pins to macerate the tougher plant tissue.

Maceration Bar, Stainless Steel not deburred, 1.57mm x 1.9mm x 4.75mm VP 711-3
Maceration Bar, Stainless Steel not deburred, 1.57 mm x 1.91 mm x 2.90 mm VP 712-3
Maceration Dowel, Stainless Steel not deburred,  1.93 mm diameter x 4.75 mm long VP 711D-3
96 Pin Replicator with 2.36 mm diameter pins, 22 mm long "fly squisher" VP 407
96 Pin Replicator with 3.15 mm diameter pins, 22 mm long "plant squisher" VP 407A


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