Uniform Cell Delivery


The V&P Uniform Cell Delivery System (VP OK24) is a very useful system for distributing an equal number of cells to microplate wells or tubes for subsequent applications.  The system is comprised of the V&P Reagent Dispenser into which the cells are placed, the V&P Stirrus to keeps the cells suspended in the Dispenser, a V&P Tumble Bubble Paddle Reservoir out of which the cells are dispensed into the plates or tubes, the V&P Tumble Stirrer to rotate the bubble paddles to keep the cells in suspension while dispensing, and the V&P Liquid Level Detection System to maintain the cell suspension volume in the Reservoir.


Additional features of the V&P Uniform Cell Delivery System include compatibility with 8-, 12- or 96-well pipeting, and in either manual or automated formats.  All components in contact with the cells are autoclavable or sold pre-sterilized.



The VP 750P-ECON-6 Tumble Bubble Paddle Reservoir has the same SBS footprint as a microplate (127.7 mm x 85.5 mm).  This allows it to be placed in standard microplate deck tiles without modification.  The VP 710C-1 Rotary Magnetic Tumble Stirrer (or alternative stirrers in our VP 710 series) can be placed under the robot deck in order to keep the cells in suspension while being pipeted into microplates.  All but 10 ml of cell suspension can be recovered.


Other V&P Bubble Paddle Reservoirs can also be used, e.g., VP 750D,
VP 750D-SBS, VP 750PTFE, VP 750PTFE-SBS, VP 755D, and VP 755D-1.


Components of the VP OK24 System include:

Reagent Dispenser, used to contain the cell suspension and includes a 4 L bottle (other bottle sizes such as the 1 L bottle in the VP 565 Reagent Dispenser can also be used)
VP 566A

Mini Stirrus Magnetic Stirrer
VP 706B-3

Spiral tubing
VP 601E

Liquid Level Sensor Control Module
VP 601

Liquid Level Sensor
VP 601A

Mounting System for Liquid Level Sensor
VP 601B

Power Supply and Tubing Pinch Value
VP 601D

Detachable Outlet Port
VP 792D-1

Tumble Bubble Paddle Reservoir with 4 Bubble Paddles
VP 750-ECON-6

Rotary Magnetic Tumble Stirrer
VP 710C-1

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