Vial Racks


VP 418-B & VP 418-32 & VP 418-9


VP 418-32

Vial size:
10.85mm diameter, 1.5mL volume


VP 418-9

Vial size:
29mm diameter, 50mL volume


VP 418-B


VP 418-96


  Vial Mixing on Tumble Stirrers


VP 417P-13 & VP 417P-16






VP 417P-13

Vial size:
mm diameter, mL volume


VP 417P-16

Vial size:
11.63mm diameter, 2mL volume


VP 417-6


Vial size:
27.5mm diameter, 20mL volume


VP 417-11


Vial size:
27.5mm diameter, 20mL volume


VP 590


The VP 590 is a custom Delrin Test Tube Rack that can hold two 50 ml Centrifuge Tubes, six 15 ml Centrifuge Tubes and 12 Micro Centrifuge tubes.  The outside dimensions are 127.5 mm by 85.3 mm and it stands 60 mm tall.



  Technical Documents:
    CAD drawing of dimensions

VP 710CS


The VP 710CS was designed to fit into a Chemspeed robot deck enclosure and stir a rack of test tubes uniformily.



Download video of Tumble Stirrer to Vortex Stirrer in action
(mpeg movie- 14MB)

Press the play button to view the video in a flash format, flash must be installed, or click the download link to download a mpeg version.



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